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Recently Taught

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Lanetzach Tishaer by Dudu Barzilay

Tirkod Kmo Halev Shelcha by Yaron Malichi

Tirbachu V’Tisadu by Yaron Malichi and Dudu Barzilay

Am Yisrael Chai by Dudu Barzilay

Nadnedi by Meir Shem Tov

Shalna by Shmulik Gov Ari

Mechakot by Michael Barzilai

Hatmunot Sheba’albom by Dudu Barzilay

Yeled Aba V’Ima by Dudu Barzilay and Smador Assor

Lihiyot Smecha by Ariane Butel

At Cheruti by Shlomo Maman

Chelek Mimeni by Nurit Melamed and Oren Ashlenazi


Hamilim Hachaserot by Dudu Barzilay

Ein Sof La’layla by Ronit Weinreich and Gadi Bitton

El Haderech by Moti Elfasy

Ahava Pshuta by Roni Siman Tov

Kan Badarom by Moti Elfasy

Le’olam by Avner Naim

Chamaniyot Mul HaShemesh by Shlomo Maman

Chaki Od Rega by Gadi Bitton

Ein Ahava by Avi Levy

Lifnei Kama Dakot by Elad Shtamer

Achshav Karov by Gadi Bitton

Rov Ha'Sha'ot by Sagi Azran

Chile Colombia by Yaron Ben Simchon

Beyom Shishi by Dudu Barzilay

Melech Habrichot by Gadi BItton


Mabruk Aleikum by Aviv Ben Ishay

Desert Rose by Eyal Eliyahu

Ad Hamidbar by Michael Barzilai

Jaimale by Ariane Butel

Kakdila by Yuval Tabashi

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Mother and daughter

Best friends who met dancing

Israelis who now dance in the USA

Been dancing a short time

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“Growing evidence supports the ability of dance to positively affect cognitive function. Additionally, the positive effects of dance are linked to preventing more health conditions associated with cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s disease, than other activities.”